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Legal cases - Gregory family


Notes on the case of William Godfrey versus Henry Gamble, Timothy Bartlett, Ann Lant and William Lant, in an action of trespass. The defendants are accused of depriving the plaintiff of lands in Kingshill leased to him on 3 January, 18 James I [no. DR10/1246] by John Gregorie. The plaintiff's case: that Arthur Gregorie, esq., father of John Gregorie, was seised of the manor of Hill, of which the lands in question are a part, which he settled upon himself for life, for the use of Jane his wife after his death, with reversion to their heirs; that both Arthur and Jane are now dead, and the land has lawfully descended to the said John Gregorie, who made the said lease. The defendants' case: that on 20 October, 9 Elizabeth, Arthur Gregorie, being seised of the manor of Styvechall and the grange of Kingshill, became bound by statute merchant to Edmund Gregorie and others in 1000 pounds [no. DR10/1861]; that Arthur Gregorie, on 22 May, 24 Elizabeth [no. DR10/1229] leased to George Marburie the grange of Kingshill for 60 years; that George Marburie, by his last will, dated 16 April, 26 Elizabeth, made Edward Marburie his executor and died; that Edward Marburie entered into possession of the said premises and by his will, dated 21 September, 10 James I, made his wife Margaret his executrix and died; that Margaret entered into possession of the said lands and married David Bull; David Bull and Margaret his wife, on 4 September, 10 James I [no. DR10/1239], conveyed the premises to John Bott in performance of an agreement made before the death of Edward Marburie for the use of Joan Kevett; John Bott died intestate, and on 11 April 1621 the administration of his goods was granted to John Maio; that John Maio, on 14 April 1621, conveyed the premises to Simon Chamber; that Edmund Gregorie extended the said statute to include the grange of Kingshill, and on 7 March 33 Elizabeth, assigned to William Ashton, gent., and John Hunt as much of the extent as concerned Kingshill; that Thomas Ashton on 4 September 1612 [no. DR10/1241] assigned the extent to the said John Bott, which then descended to the said Simon Chamber as above. Note attached that the lands in Styvechall were extended on 12 March, 32 Elizabeth [no. DR10/1604] and were then worth 20 pounds per annum; by 19 James I [1621-2] the total profits therefore amounted to 640 pounds.