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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift from W[alter Durdent] bishop of Coventr' with the consent of the chapter of Lichesfeld' to Roger Durd' and his heirs for his service, of Stivinghale and the land which belonged to Hugh de Cestrefeld' with the house of the same which stood in the churchyard of ----- which the said `miles' lawfully and with the consent of the chapter of Lichesfeld' bought from the said Hugh, with all the appurtenances of the same, and with all rights belonging to the same; that, rendering annually one mark to the community (communionem) of the church of Lichesfeld', he should hold the said lands free and quit of all other services; and the said Hugh to possess the said lands to himself and his heirs in fee and inheritance in the name of the church of Lichesfeld'. Witnesses: R[oger] archdeacon of Salopesb', Helya archdeacon of Staphord'. R[ichard Peche] archdeacon of Cestr', Odo the treasurer, W. the cantor, Master R. de Sallan, Master William de Lega, William Dorbec, Master Herbert, William de Greselee, R. the steward (dapifero), Robert son of Geoffrey, Robert de Browoda son of Christiane, R. son of Richard Teice, Hubert de Handesact, John de Wiborvilla, Hugh de ?Swinefen, William the butler (pincerna) and many others. Tongue seal lost. Endorsed: i) De Stivishahala ad ---- [contemporary] ii) Redditus xiij sups; iiij supd; de tota villa [AG] iii) Secundus [AG]