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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Robert de Esscheby, the elder, and Margery called La Leche his wife, to Reginald son of Thomas de Calwdone and Margery daughter of Alice La Leche of Coventr', as a marriage portion, of a messuage in `vico de Sponna' [Spon Street] in Coventr', lying between the land which Symon le Riche formerly held and the land which Richard de Luton' held and extending in length from the highway to the river running from Crowemulne; to hold the said premises to the said Reginald and Margery and their heirs, rendering annually to the lord of the fee 12 pence (4 terms), two hens at Christmas, and the service of two men for one day in the autumn, and should the said Margery die without heirs of her body, then the said Reginald shall hold the said messuage for the remainder of his life, with reversion to the right heirs of the said Margaret. Witnesses: Henry Baker (Pistore), bailiff, Thomas le Moubrey, Geoffrey son of John, Hugh de Stivechale, Robert de Cannele, Thomas de Honitone, Robert in le Hurne, John Brewys, Robert Reymund, Adam Smith (Fabro), Walter Gymere, Gilbert Corewenne, Gilbert de Heyham, Symon called King, William Clerk and others. Two seals on tags, pointed oval, green: i) a sun and crescent moon. Legend: S ROB'TI [DE E]SSCEBI. ii) broken. A fleur de lys. Legend: S--- FIL--- NICOLAI. Endorsed: i) Kaledon. Sponstrete. ii) xii supd;. ii galline et ii die cum opera [AG]