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Pinley in Coventry deeds and papers


Lease with counterpart, with warranty, from Thomas Ferrers, knight, to John Gryme of Coventr', girdler, of a water-mill called Alderfordmilne next Coventr', alias Peggemylne, with a little mill called `a Giggemylne' within the same, together with the river-meadows, pastures etc. but excepting 25 acres of oaks called Standardes, growing in a grove next the mill; to hold of the said Thomas from the feast of the Annunciation last for a term of 26 years, paying annually for the first five years a rose on the feast of St. John the Baptist, and afterwards 40 shillings at the terms customary in Stichehale and the said John to maintain the mill at his own expense and attend courts at Stichehale; and for the performance of covenants the said John and Richard Wilson of Coventr', bricklayers, stand bound to the said Thomas in the sum of £20. Dated on the feast of St. George, 16 Edward IV. Seals: 489) 2 on tags: red, defaced. 490) tag, seal lost. Endorsed: 489, 490: Alfordmyle