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Long Lawford deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Burgia de Bendinges, sometime daughter of Roger de Panton', widow, to Nicholas de Marnham, for homage and service, of 2 virgates of land in Lalleford', namely half a virgate of land which Roger Berkarius held with the same Roger and his chattels, half a virgate which William Wade held with the same William and his chattels, half a virgate which Richard de Stratton' hold with the same Richard and his household, and half a virgate which Roger son of Norman held with the same Roger and his chattels; to hold of the said Burgia paying annually one sore sparrow-hawk or 12 pence on the octaves of the Blessed Peter ad Vincula. Witnesses: Sir Philip de Asscell', sheriff, Sir Robert de Grendona Sir Thomas de Estleya, Philip Balance, Thomas le Truan, John de Pontefracto, Robert de Lussell', Hugh de Blaby, Symon de Freford', Robert Malebranche and others. Tag seal lost. Endorsed: i) Lalleford, Infra feedum de Bryncelow [AG] ii) Neubold' iii) xij supd; sive espervarium [AG]