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Spon End in Coventry deeds and papers


Gift from Brother Henry, prior of the church and convent of Coventr', with the consent of the chapter, to Master Nicholas Pihod of Coventr', of the manor of Sponna together with the chapel there built with all lands etc. thereto belonging; to hold the same to the said Nicholas for his life until provision should have been made concerning the benefice in such a manner that the said Master Nicholas may cause in future at his own costs the said chapel to be served by a suitable chaplain until be himself shall be inducted to the said chapel; and he will pay all costs due from the said manor, may cut down the trees growing in the orchard and around the chapel without the license of the said prior, will maintain the houses and chapel there and administer the customary `elemosinas leprosis' Dated in the Chapter House at Coventr', Sunday next after the feast of St. Leonard the Confessor, 10 Edward II. Seal on tag: green, broken, figure of the Virgin and child. Endorsed: i) scriptum Magistri Nicholai Pihod de Sponna de parte manerii Marmions in Coventry videlicet parcella eiusdem manerii ii) Manerium Sponna in Coventre [AG]