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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Thomas Fortin, with the consent of Margery his wife, to Thomas le Hore of Leycestr', of all that piece of land which descended by inheritance to Margery his wife from Philip her brother in Hulle; to hold the same of the lords of that fee of whom the said Philip held it and for the same service, namely as far as pertains to a third part of that land, paying yearly to the said Thomas a clove gilliflower at Easter, and to the chief lord of the fee (in the said Fortin's name) due and customary service; and for this the said Thomas le Hore gives 10 shillings. Witnesses: Sir John Andrev, John de Stonle, Alexander de Crulefeld, Geoffrey de Fineborwe, Ernald del Sale, William Michel, Peter de Prestwelle, Simon son of John, John de Finham, Robert de Melebourne and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Carta mencionem faciens de terra de Hulle que fuit Thome de Leycestr' et Felicie vxoris sue [contemp.] ii) Clavus girofri [AG] iii) Ernaldus Willelmus filius Ernaldi de la Sale tenens vnius virgate terre de dono domini Galfridi [AG]