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Stivichall deeds and papers


Attested copy of the will of Loveisgod Gregory containing the following bequests: To his wife Katherine Gregory, his [omitted] and all other his lands and tenements in Stichall, for life; also to his wife Katherine, the manor and lordship of Hill, for the raising of portions of 1000 pounds apiece for his daughter Katherine and for his other child of which his wife is now with child, should the same be a daughter; To his son, should his wife be delivered of the same, all his lands and tenements in Brinklowe, Finham, Stonely, Corly and Meriden, and the manors and lordships of Stichall and Hill after the death of his wife; To Elizabeth Norton, his sister, 30 pounds, and to Elizabeth her daughter 20 pounds; To his wife, whom he appoints as executrix, all the residue of his estate. Dated: 30 March 1677 Witnesses: Elizabeth Maycock, John Wheeler (by mark), B. Turvile. Copy, dated 6 March 1697/8, taken from the Lichfield Diocesan registry. Endorsed: i) Attested copy of Loveisgod Gregorys will ii) 30 March 1677