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Lease from Robert Tomkyn' to William Waver of half a burgage


Lease from Robert Tomkyn' of Sch[yrford ?] to William Waver [de] Brinkelowe [and Agnes his wife] of the half of one burgage with the houses built therein lying in Brink' next the tenement of John ---; to hold the same for the term of their lives rendering annually 40 pence; and the said William and Agnes agree not to assign the property without the license of the said Robert and to maintain the same at their own cost. Witnesses: Geoffrey Morice, William Tomasson', John Colemon, and others. Dated at Brinkelowe, Friday [before or after] the feast of St. Luke the evangelist, 46 Edward III (15 or 22 Oct 1372). Tag and seal missing. Endorsed: i) Thomkyns [AG] ii) Sancti Thome et sancti Johannis festa [AG]

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    [15/10/1372-22/10/1372], Friday [before or after] the feast of St Luke the evangelist 46 Edward III

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