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Coventry deeds and papers


Quitclaim with warranty from William Corbronde, kinsman and heir of Master John Norton', late of Coventre, clerk, to William Hudson' and Elias Rybchester of all his right in two messuage in Coventr' of which one lies in `vico comitis' [Earl Street] between the messuage of the prior and convent of Coventr' in which Thomas Bradmedowe now lives and the messuage formerly in the occupation of Thomas Raves and now of Ralph Caldebek'; and the other messuage lies in Lez Gosfordestrete between the tenement in which John Tirsirian' now lives and the tenement in which Thomas Fisshpole, corviser now lives; which premises the said William Hudson and Elias Rybchester have recovered against the said William Corbronde by writ. Witnesses: John Smyth', gent., John Corbronde, brother of the said William, William Hopkyns, William Paynell, John Alen' and many others. Dated at Coventr', 20 June, 21 Edward IV. Seal on tag: red, indecipherable. Endorsed: A quietus est from Will. Corbrond to Will. Hudson and Elias Ribchester of 2 messuadges in Coventrey. Edw. 4. 21. [LG]