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Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Richard Thomas of the parish of Burnham to Richard Gregori senior of Bekenesfeld' of a wood called le Cutegrof' with appurtenances lying between the wood of William Lovel lord of Boueneye on the south and the wood of the said Richard on the north and reaching from the wood of John Goron on the west to the wood of the said Richard on the east; to hold of the chief lord of the fee for ever. Witnesses: John Loueday, John Bernard, Thomas Holeweye, John Alderugge, Thomas le Carpenter and many others. Dated at Bekenesfelde, Sunday the morrow of St. Luke, 28 Edward III Seal on tag: circular, brown; armorial. Three deer, the whole within a cusped 8-foil. Endorsed: i) Le Mannor de Gregoryes in Bekenfeild in co. Buck', purchas pour Butler qui vend a Waynman pour ante viii li. modo x li. [AG] ii) Inquisicio 43 E. 3 ad quod damnum in Co. Bedford. [AG] iii) faded [AG] iv) Vide litteras patentes H. 2 ou Stephan Segrave donne a ?Hugh Segrave terre in Cateby [AG] v) Ricardus Segrave fitz Henr' tenet Cateby de Nicholao Segrave pro vi parte feodi militis in inquisicione Kirby, 34 Ed. I [AG] vi) Manerium de Segrave in parochia Pene in co. Buck. [AG] vii) Ricardus Gregorie de Bekenesfeld et Fresley, inquisicio anno xx Edw. primi, Warr'. [AG]