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Pinley in Coventry deeds and papers


Lease with counterpart, with warranty, from John Ferrers, knight, to John Wawen, miller, of a mill called Aldurford Milne next Coventr', alias Peggemilne, with a little mill called `A Giggemilne' within, with all appurtenances; to hold of the said John Ferrers from the feast of St. Michael last for a term of 39 years paying annually 40 shillings at the usual terms in Sticheall; and the said John Wawen to maintain the mill at his own expense and to attend the court at Sticheall. Bond from John Wawen in the sum of £10, to perform covenants. Dated: last day of December, 14 Henry VII. Signed: 492) per Johannem Ferrers, K. Seals: 492) on tag, rectangular, red. A unicorn. 493) on tag, rectangular, red. A letter I. Endorsed: 492) quondam parcella manerii Langlie vendita Thome Sanders et aliis feoffatis civitatis per Humfridum Ferrers. [AG] 493) i. Langeleye mylne sold in mortmayn Mych. xxii supo;. regine Elizabeth per fynnom levatam Thome Saunders etc. Nota debet sectam curiam manerio de Stycheal vi supd;. [AG] ii. Johannem Wawen de Stychall'