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Coventry deeds and papers


Agreement between Thomas Bray of Coventre and Christiana his wife, and Geoffrey de Scardeburgh', that whereas the said Thomas and Christiana have granted to the said Geoffrey an annual rent of 6 shillings issuing out of a messuage in Wastorchard' in Coventre belonging to the said Thomas and Christiana [no. DR10/360], now if the said Geoffrey and his heirs shall hold one messuage with appurtenances situated in Coventre over against Broad Gate (latam portam) between the tenement of the Guild of the Holy Trinity and the lane called La Frerelane without claim or incumbrance by Ralph Hunt of Coventre and his heirs concerning a rent of 6 shillings which the said Ralph claimed to receive from the said tenement in Broadgate then the said grant shall be void. Witnesses: John de Papenham, mayor of Coventre, John Styward' and Richard Clerke, bailiffs of the same, William de Okham, William Cotyller, William Craas, Richard Kyng' and others. Dated at Coventre, Saturday next before St. Lucy the Virgin, 1 Richard II. Two circular red seals on one tag. A heart within a trefoil. Legend indecipherable. Endorsed: Domus angularis erga latam portam onerata redditu sex solidatorum maiori Coventrey, sed vi supd;. de redditu assisae haeredibus Roberti Faccon quos --- prior, inde nobis, prout in regestro in officio Thome Fanshaw rememoratoris regine in scaccario de anno 12 H. 4. per Haloughton --- [AG]