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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease from Edward Hawford, Doctor of Divinity, and Master of Christ's College, Cambridge, and the fellows of the same, to Thomas Gregory of Coventrye, esq. of all their lands and tenements, etc. in the towns and fields of Stychalle, Allesley and Bedworthe now in the tenure of the said Thomas as tenant at will by reason of a forfeiture of a lease from the Rt. Rev. Cuthbert, late bishop of Weschester [Chester] and master of the said College, dated 10 October, 3 and 4 Phillip and Mary [1556] reserving to the said master and fellows all coal pits dug or to be dug on the said property and all the samplers `like to prove tymber trees' there growing; to hold the same for a term of 21 years, rendering annually 45 shillings; and rendering annually to the lord of Allesley 5 shillings for a parcel of land called Partridge in Allesley, and for the Nine Acres there nine pence halfpenny; and to the lord of Bedworthe annually 4 pence and the fourth part of a pound of pepper; and to the lord of Stychalle annually 4 shillings and half a pound of cumin; and the said Thomas agrees to spend 20 pounds on the restoration of the premises in Stychalle, and to plant an orchard and garden there at his own expense; for which consideration the said Thomas may remove the said buildings in Stychalle to a plot of ground belonging to the said Master and Fellows at the Hallfeilde in Stychalle; and the said Thomas to pay all dues on the said property, and to maintain it in good repair. Dated: 9 September, 14 Elizabeth On tag, seal of the College, defaced. Endorsed: i) The chieffe of the Colledge landes in Stychall is foure shillinges and half a pounde of Cummyn aunciently paid as parcell of the manor of Styvechall mencioned in this indenture [AG] ii) Leases etc from X's Colledge Cambridge