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Stivichall Maps, Surveys


A copy (?by Thomas Gregory) of a number of extents apparently relating to the estates of Stoneleigh Abbey. Subdivided as follows: Crulefeilde [Cryfield in Stoneleigh]: Bogedon [Bockendon in Stoneleigh]: Horwell [in Coventry]: Hellunhull [in Stoneleigh]: Melburne [Millburn in Stoneleigh]: Stoneley: Homegrange [alias Stoneleigh Grange]: Stareton [in Stoneleigh]: Biricoit [Bericot]: the mill of Yarteford [in Stoneleigh]: Cobynton [Cubbington]: Radewey: `grangia del Egg' [Echills in Stoneleigh]. The roll is headed `Ex recordis in Turre London' in bundello eschaetorum de anno 2 Edw. secundi inter alia de maneriis de Helynhull et Horwelle' in the hand of Arthur Gregory. Endorsed: The extentes of severall hamletes [LG]

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