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Coventry deeds and papers


Left hand indenture of a fine levied in the court of the liberty of the city of Coventre on Tuesday next before the feast of St. Chad the Bishop, 30 Henry VI in the presence of William Braytoft, mayor, John Wildegrys and Reginald Bere bailiffs of the liberty aforesaid and others, between John Pisford' of Coventre, plaintiff, and Thomas Shistoke of Coventre, weaver, and Alice his wife, deforciants, of a messuage in Coventre, concerning which a plea had been heard at Westminster in Hilary Term, 30 Henry VI which was adjourned until this day to be heard at the above court. The said Thomas and Alice recognize the said premises, i.e. a messuage in `vico de Sponna' [Spon Street] between the land late of John Michell' and the land late of Richard Acton', esq., John Anable and Emma Doughti, in breadth and reaching in length from the said street to the water of Shirburn', to be the right of the said John as by their gift; and for this he gives 20 pounds. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) ii sups;. redditus Ardens hous. Spon Stret iuxta Barram pro servitio militare [AG] ii) This house is held by Knight servyce and was put in feoffment untill the vij yeire of henry the vj. which yeire Rychard Welford and Agnes his wiff purchased ye same by reles from ye feoffees, also John Pisford put hit in feoffment xxxii supo; H. 6. to defraud wardship. John Pisford parson of Bagington sone and heir to Wm. gave hit Margery Norton his half sister for lyff, whych Margery was enfeffed 31 H. 8. and died primo Elizabeth Regine [AG] iii) Nota 38 H. sexti Johannes Pisford tenet mesuagium iuxta terram Magistri artis lez weyvors [AG] iv) Henricus Pisford frater Johannis vixit 6 E. 4. Rogerus Pisford clericus filius et haeres Willelmi Pisford releas al William son frere anno iiii supo; Henrici septimi. Johanna Pisford filia Willelmi Pisford uxor Johannis Marter habet exitum Christianam uxorem Simonis Arden' unde Ambrosius Arden' [AG]