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Bilton Epworth, Lincs., deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from John de Moubray, Lord of the Island of Haxholm' and of the Honours of Brembra and Gouherie, to John del Bothe, his cook, of one messuage and one bovate of land in Belton' which William de Wret' heretofore held of him in villeinage, one messuage and half a bovate of land which Richard Fyn held of him in the same town; one cottage formerly taken from his Waste in the same town at Westgate next the croft of John Humbelthwayt'; ten acres of waste lying at Santoft'; one small piece of waste lying in Belton' next the house of the aforesaid John del Bothe; two cottages in Eppeworth' which heretofore belonged to Robert Tankard' and to John del Bothe mylner; two parts of one toft with one acre of land to the same toft belonging in the same town which William Armorer heretofore held of him in villeinage; two acres of waste in the same town lying in Le Estker next the Waste of Ralph Burre which heretofore belonged to the said William; five acres of waste in the same town at Eppeworth' lanende and seven acres and a half of waste lying at Brenhamlanend', with all their appurtenances; to hold the said premises with all appurtenances to the said John and his heirs, rendering annually 14s. 8d. by equal portions at Easter and Michaelmas except for the first 24 years after the date of these presents, during which they shall render ?9s. 8d. annually at the above written times by equal portions. Witnesses: William de Glenton', John de Bradesby, Adam Halsam, Roger del Chaumbre, Henry Wyke `the Honne' and others. Dated at Eppeworth' in the Vigil of the Purification of the Virgin Mary 1350. Seal on tag: circular, red. A lion rampant. Legend: SIGILLVM IOHANNIS [DE M]VLBRAY. Endorsed: Warr' Belton' tentum de Brinkelawe.