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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift from Robert Grene senior of Coventr' grocer, Thomas Churchman' of the same bottlemaker, William Pysford' of the same grocer, John Strong senior grocer, Richard Nores chaplain, Robert Grene junior, William Pysford' junior, Robert Leych' grocer and Oliver Nelett, grocer, feoffees of all the lands and tenements of Richard Nores of Coventr' cardmaker, in Coventr' and Stychall', at the wish of the said Richard Nores, to John Rawlyns of Coventr' cardmaker, William Rogers of the same cardmaker, William Neyden' of the same cardmaker, Thomas Loveday of the same cardmaker and John Stanley of the same cardmaker, of an annual rent of 10 shillings issuing from a tenement in Much Park Street (vice parci maioris) situated between the land of the Chantry called Preston' Chauntry and the land late of Robert Leyke in width and reaching in length from the highway there to the land late of John Everdon; to hold the same for ever for the performance of the will of Richard Nores. Dated at Coventr' 1 January 3 Henry VIII. Tag and seal lost. Endorsed: i) In English to the effect that the within named feoffees had granted the within named yearly rent to the persons within named in performance of the will of Richard Nores, cardmaker, which is that every year on the day of his death they should give to 6 priests 6 groats to say a private dirige and mass for his soul; and 15 shillings should be spent the same day upon a recreation amongst the Company of Cardmakers; and 6 shillings and 8 pence residue to be spent on the maintenance of Saint Thomas' Chapel within the parish church of St. Michael in Coventr' which the Company of Cardmakers used to keep [contemp] ii) chief iiij sups;. episcopo [AG] iii) Richardus Norres ad issue Willelmum Norres ad issue Anthony Norres q' estate [AG] iv) Tho' Gregory i mese q' Tho' Hyll un mese et q', Rob' Turnour un cotage q' alien ab Edw. Hylle q' pay viii supd;. chief [AG]