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Legal cases - Gregory family


Attested copy of the interrogatories to be administered to witnesses on behalf of the mayor and bailiffs of Coventry: i) did John Tallantes in his will devise a rent of 4 marks from a tenement in Flechamsteed to the poor children of Bablacke ii) at the time of the bequest was the governance of Bablacke in the hands of the said mayor and bailiffs iii) how much in rent, etc. has Francis Tallantes received from the said tenement since the death of his father iv) did John Wade and Thomas Gregorye purchase this tenement amongst other things, and, if so, from whom v) was there a partition of the lands purchased and, if so, was the said tenement allotted to John Wade vi) did John Wade convey the tenement to Henry Waver, alias Over, and William Fynnes [see no. DR10/1058] vii) did the said Henry Waver and William Fynnes convey the said tenement to John Tallantes [see no. DR10/1059] viii)did the said John Wade and Thomas Gregorye assure the said tenement to Arthur Gregorye, and for what purpose ix) has Francis Tallantes conveyed the said tenement to his son John Tallantes x) have Francis Tallantes or his son John Tallantes made any estates of the said tenement to Arthur Gregorye [see no. DR10/1061].