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Whoberley in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Lease from John Wayd of Coventr', gent., and Henry Over of the same, alderman, to Margaret Lady Constable of Eytonne, widow, late the wife of Sir Marmaduke Constable, knight, deceased, of the manor place or chief mansion house called Waburlayes in Flechampsted with all the appurtenances called Waburlayes, and also a broom close called Bassetes Waste and a wood adjoining called Bassetes Grove, in the tenure of James Bateman of Coventr', whittawer, and on lease to him until the feast of the Annunciation 1563; all which mansion house and lands the said John Wayd lately purchased of the Crown, as evidenced by letters patent dated 8 December 36 Henry VIII [1544]; with a further lease of all the lands and tenements etc. known as Massies, Waburlayes or Little Waburlayes and a close called Steppynge Stone Fyld, which lands are situated in Coventr' and were lately demised by John Massie of Wyttelwicke, co. Lancs., esq., to the said John Wayd by indenture of 4 June, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary [1558] for a term of many years yet unexpired at an annual rent of £8. 13s. 4d., some of which lands in Coventr' are Lammas lands; to hold the same for 11 years, rendering annually 38 pounds (2 terms) to the said Henry Over in recompense for all the debts of the said John Wayd for which the said Henry Over stands charged. Dated: 15 February, 4 Elizabeth Signed: by me John Wayd, Henry Over Two tags, fragment of seal i only. Endorsed: i) memorandum of surrender from William Phynnes of Coventre, merchant of the staple, to Arthur Gregory, gent., of all the right which he has by the assignment of Richard Wightman, husband of the said Lady Constable, in the aforesaid lands. Signed: William Fynnyes. Dated 30 November, 14 Elizabeth [1571] ii) beetwixt John Wade and Henery Over [LG]