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Coventry deeds and papers - Gift with warranty


Gift with warranty from William brother of Matilda de Aula of Covintr' to Richard son of William de Colsull' of a curtilage in Covintr' which John son of Stephen le Teruggere formerly held lying in the street towards the mill of Hulle on the side of the Prior, between the land which Henry Dru sometime held on the east and the land which Robert le Faugers once held on the west, which curtilage the said William had by the gift of Matilda his sister and by the confirmation of Walter Bacun the lord of that fee [no. DR10/289];

[T]o hold the same of the said Walter Bacun rendering annually 12 pence (4 terms) and one clove of gilly flower at Easter; and for this the said Richard gives 7 shillings.

Witnesses: Henry Baker (Pistore), bailiff, Robert de Chilton', Thomas Fakinham, Alexander de Ruiton', Walter Bacun, John de Wikewin', Henry `pictore', John le Loker, Thomas Clerk and others.
Seal on tag: circular, brown. A foliated cross.
Endorsed: xii supd;. in vico fontis [AG]