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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Richard de Kynton' with the assent of Matilda his wife to William Waldyve son of Richard Waldyve of Alesphathe, for his homage and service of all the lands he holds of Richard in Alespathe, namely the land reaching in length from Kyngweysforde to Fennywey and in width from Fastulfesscyche to the common wood, saving the land of Richard Jordan and excepting the land of Jordan le Knave; and land reaching from Fennywey in width to the divides of Sir Alexander de Bykenhul and in length to Fastoulfsiche, which land Richard Falke held in the town of Alespathe and which land Peter Blund' surrendered to the grantor in full court; and all the land which the said William held of Richard in Alespathe together with that which Nicholas Falke once held and which he had surrendered; and land which lies in length from Fildenestred to Fastulfsyche, and in width from Presteboruweye to the divides of Sir Alexander de Bykenhul, excepting two acres which Richard Jordan and Stephen le Knave held; and all the land which Richard de Waldyve father of the said William held of James le Bret in Alespathe; and all his share in Haliwellemor' lying between the divides of Pakent' and the field of Alespathe; to hold to the said William, his heirs and assigns (except religious houses) of the said Richard paying annually a rent of 12 pence (2 terms) for which the said William gives to the said Richard ten marks ir `gersumna', and five shillings to his wife Matilda. Witnesses: Gerard son of Gerard de Alespathe, John son of Benedict de Allesleg', Viel de Falkeshul, John son of Dulcia de Filungeley, Hugh son of Robert de Stokes, Walter son of Walter de Alespathe, Gilbert son of Geoffrey `super montem' and others. Seal on tag: circular, green, a hound. Legend: SIGIL' RICARDI FI(LI)I RICARDI. Endorsed: i) Marke Crowes ded [16th c.] ii) xii supd; iii) Ricardus de Kynton tenens per servitium millitare de domino Waltero Langly domino de Styvychal' et Allispath. [AG] iv) Matilda de Kyngton vidua done et conferme salvo forinseco [AG] v) Marke Croes deede [LG]