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Corley deeds and papers


Gift in frankalmoign with warranty from Henry Gaumbe of Cornleg' to God and the church of the Blessed Mary of Coventr' and especially to the altar of the Blessed Mary of the same place where mass is daily celebrated, of a ploughland in Cornleg' extending in length from his capital messuage to the land of Thomas Falke lying below (subiacentem) and in width from the `segia strata' to his grove adjoining, together with a part of the grove lying within the said ploughland; to hold of the said Henry, rendering annually 6 pence (2 terms). Witnesses: John de Filingeleg', Thomas de Keresleg', John de Barra, Roger Falke, Bernard de Boreddeston', Thomas Smith (fabro) de Cornleg', Richard de Barra, Philip de Ruytton', and others. Dated at Cornleg', Monday next after the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, 44 Henry son of King John. Seal on tag: circular, green, large fragment only. A fleur de lis. Legend: [SIGI]LL' HINRICI G--- Endorsed: Carta Henrici Jaumbe [contemp]