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Confirmation from William de Molbraio of the frankalmoign of his grandfather


Confirmation in frankalmoign from William de Molbraio to God and St. Mary and the monks of Cumba of all the grants, possessions and alms which the said monks have by the gift of Roger de Molbraio his grandfather, and Nigel de Molbraio his father, namely as much in the arable lands as in the uncultivated lands, and in the assarts in the enclosed wood as in the unenclosed wood, and in the level ground and in the meadows and pastures, in fisheries and pools, in the waters and mills, in the roads and paths and in all other appurtenances. Witnesses: Girard de Canvilla, Walter de Canvilla, To --- erdun, Osbert de Clinton', Roger de Canvilla, Robert Camerarius, --- Waura, Roger de Buschervilla, Robert do Bilneia and many others. Seal on tag: pink varnished brown, circular, broken. A knight on horseback. Legend: [SIGI]LLVM WIL[LELMI DE MOLBRAIO] Endorsed: Confirmatio Willelmi de Molbrao de tenementis de Smita et de Brinkelau