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Coventry deeds and papers


Deed poll of Richard Foxhale and Richard Baron both of Coventr', drapers, feoffees of Thomas Bradmedowe, late of Coventr', draper, deceased, witnessing that for the carrying out of his will they have granted to Richard Wyrley, chaplain, John Dwall' and Thomas Grove both of Coventr', drapers, William Weston' of Sutton' in Colfeld, William Feyse, John Depyng, William Gybbons, Hugh Armon', William Segewyke, William Hurst and John Turner all of the same, one messuage in Coventr' in `vico parci minoris' [Little Park Street] between the land of the Abbot of Comba and the land of the Guild of the Holy Trinity of Coventr' in length, and extending in breadth from the said street to the ditch of the Lord de `Monte Alto' which formerly they had, together with the said Thomas Bradmedowe and Isabella his wife, now deceased, by the grant of Geoffrey Ardern' of Coventr', draper, and John Sissell' of the same, grocer; and also all the land, tenements, meadow and pasture in the town and fields of Whittaker [Whitacre], also two crofts in the town and fields of Stychall' called Dunfeldes and le Rudyng which lie together between the barn of Asthull' and the road leading towards Hethsale, also one other croft in Coventr' lying between the lane leading towards Canley and the croft called Prestcroft in breadth, and in length between the road leading from Coventr' towards Kenelworth as far as the land called Astelgrove, all which last mentioned hereditaments they had together with the said Thomas Bradmedowe and Isabella his wife, by the grant of John Sissell'; also one other croft in Harnale which Robert Steyne formerly held and one chief rent of 12 shillings issuing out of "lez Bakhouse" situate between the bridges of St. John in Coventr'; to hold to uses declared in the will of the said Thomas Bradmedowe set out in a schedule annexed [i.e. that these 11 drapers should pay from the proceeds thereof to the churchwardens of Sutton' 28 shillings and 8 pence to pray for the souls of Thomas Bradmedowe and his family.] Dated: 20 June 11 Henry VII. Two circular, red seals: indecipherable. Endorsed: i) Irrotulatur in curia domini regis apud Coventr' inter placita realea ibidem de anno regni regis Henrici septimi xii, Ro. xiii. ii) A yarde land and a yarde medoe purchased by Mr. Sissell of ye kinge [AG] iii) Dunfeilds et le Ruydinge in verge de terra in Stychale ex dono Johannis Sissell' facto Tho Bradmedo [AG]