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Tamworth deeds and papers


Copy of an agreement made between Thomas Ferrers, esq., and Thomas son and heir of the said Thomas and Elizabeth his wife, Robert Aston, son and heir of Joyce, sister of Sir Baldwin Frevylle, knight, and Richard Bingham and Margaret his wife, formerly wife of Hugh Wylloughby (the said Elizabeth, Joyce and Margaret being sisters and coheirs of the said Baldwin Frevylle) concerning the partition of the manors and lands of the said Baldwin. Thomas Ferrers senior and junior to hold the castle and manor of Tamworthe, lands in Wigington [Wiggington], co. Staffs. [the manor of Tadyngton], co. Hereford, the manors of Marston and Lee [Lea Marston], the manor of [Stretford by Tamworth] co. Warwick, the manor of Stichale and three mills called Saford, Hethe and Alderford mills, lands in Drayton, co. Staffs., which the said Baldwin formerly had by the gift of Ralph Basset of Drayton, all the lands held by Adam Sentcler in Waverton [Warton], co. Warwick, 26 shillings rent in Allesleye [Allesley] and Meriden and 16s. 6d. rent (specified) in Coventr' and the advowson of Hauerbarough [Harborough]. Robert Aston to hold the manors of Asshested [Ashtead] and Newedgate [Newdigate], co. Surrey, the manor of Bekenore [lost], co. Worcs., the manor of Yatesbury, co. Wilts., the manor of Pynley in Coventr', 6 shillings rent in Coventr' (specified), the moiety of the manor of Henley in Arden, co. Warwick and the advowson of Asshested. Richard Bingham and Margaret his wife to hold the manors of Myddelton', Whitnasshe and Wykin, co. Warwick, a messuage called Venos in Middelton' held by Thomas Arblaster, esq., for the term of his life, lands held by Robert Grendon by the demise of Thomas Ferrers, senior, in Willmencote [Wilnecote], a messuage and virgate of land in Whichley and 11 shillings rent in Coventr'. Also the manor of Gunthorp and Loudham, co. Nottingham, the manor of Bradford, Ferne and Mawne, co. Hereford and the advowson of the church of St. James in Tamworth and of the church of Preston [Bagot] near Henley in Arderne. Dated: 5 October, 31 Henry VI. Endorsed with draft condition clause of a bond from Thomas Wightman to John Rapton, to abide by the decision of Arthur Gregory and John Huggeforde.