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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Ranulf de Stivechale to William de Pinnele of the hall in the vill of Stivechale with a small curtilage and garden, with free entrance and exit through the gate to the hall; also 3 furlongs (culturas) of land in Stivechale from the demesne of the said Ranulf, of which one furlong is called Apeltrestob with an adjacent meadow at the head, one lies between the land which Alexander the chaplain once held and the croft called Bisseley, and the third lies below the park of Covintr' between the dower land of the lady [i.e. Margery de Nerbon] and the orchard of the earl; to hold of the said Ranulf from Lady Day next after the death of Hugh de Patishul, bishop of Covintr', 26 Henry son of John, for a term of 9 years; and the said William to work the said furlongs `ad medietatem'; and to place on the said land each year at least 100 sheep in a sheepfold; and to work these lands with his plough at the same time and hour, according to the custom of the vill, as the other men; and to find half the corn for sowing and to perform half the services except ploughing and haymaking; and the said Ralph to find the other half of the corn for sowing and provide the other half of the services as well as ploughing and haymaking, that is half the weeding, hoeing, mowing and repairing of wall; and the said Ranulf to take away half the corn each year; and if the said Ranulf does not provide the corn at sowing-time, then the said William may, by the view of worthy men (bonorum), sow that said half and take away the produce for himself; and the said Ranulf also grants to the said William 12 cattle and 2 oxen in their enclosures, that is between the ford of the park and Hetmulne, the enclosure between Stonihom as far as the bridge of Backinton', and the enclosure at the marsh below the park where the horses are tied; and the said Ranulf will not allow any cattle in his common pasture unless going to the sheep-pen of the said Ranulf; and the said William may have as much as he can work (lucrare) within the common pasture of the said Ranulf for oxen, cows, horses and sheep; and if the said Ranulf cannot warrant the said William in the said lands, then the said Ranulf will pay all costs until all contradictions are resolved by the judgment of lawful men; and the said William is to work and maintain the land reasonably under pain of half a mark. Witnesses: William de Barue, John Gener', pledges for the said Ranulf, Richard de Pinnele, Reginald de Coksale, pledges for the said William, Thomas de Stok', William le Norieys, John de Kannele, Thomas Kartario of Stivechale, John Albo and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Stivesch' in com' Warr' Warr' Stivesch'[14th c.] ii) Aula et tres culturae [AG] iii) In cartra Liulphi memoratur Bissely [AG]