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Melbourne, Derbyshire deeds and papers


Charter of Henry III to Stephen de Sedgrave, granting him the manor of Meleburne with all rights and appurtenances for the service of one knight's fee. Witnesses: P[eter de Rupibus], Bishop of Winchester, William de Warenn', Earl of Surrey, Ralph, son of Nicholas, Godfrey de Craucumb', Nicholas de Lettres, Richard de Gray, Arnald de Bosco, Geoffrey de Cauz, Bartholomew Pecche, William de Rugedun' and others. Given by the hand of Ralph [de Neville], Bishop of Chichester, Chancellor at Kenyton [?Kempton Park, co. Middlesex]. Dated: 5 March, 17 Henry III. Great seal on cord of woven silk, incomplete, cracked. Endorsed: i) De manerio de Meleburn ii) Manerium de Melebone concessum Stephano Segrave et heredibus iii) The mannor stratchith into Kingeshull videlicet Welchmans, Litle Gregpole Wast and Fulleslowe wast Grymswrose and Forwood in quibus tenentes de Kingeshull communiant per totum annum quolibet anno tertio videlicet in Grimswood et Forwood [AG] iv) 1. My fishing and water severall from Wolvy Bridge to Port Bridge in y supe; water of Melburne. 2. Lytle Forwood parcell of my mylne. 3. My poole called Gregpole. 4. My commens in Forwood and Grymswood [AG] v) Somtymes thes parcel of Melburne mannor. A mesuage with a yard land in Helinhull was given to Stonley Abbey by William of Stivechale, which William obteyned by fyne levied at Coventry before y supe; iustices in eyre, al y supe; right of Margery late wif Symon of Melburne whos sonne gave landes in Melburne to y supe; abbey of Stonly by y supe; name of William sonne of Symon le Harpur [AG] vi) Margery half sister to Margerie Neirbon maried to Gal' de Caux et sans issu [AG] vii) Gregpoole mylne alias Pipes mylne. Vivarium de Gregpole [AG]