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Milburn in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from William the Baker (Pistor), Prior of Kenilleworth', to Joan daughter of Geoffrey Le Honerde of Hurst, deceased, of one messuage with a curtilage in the town of Melbourne which he had by the grant of William le Vale, lying in breadth between the tenement of Geoffrey le Poltere on one side and the place called Pleyngstude on the other and extending in length from the land of the abbot and Convent of Stonleye to the King's highway leading from Melbourne towards Coventr'; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee, rendering annually 12 pence payable at the four annual terms customary in the said town. Witnesses: John Campion, Walter le Staleworth', William Rodde, John de Braundon', Thomas Gillote and others. Dated at Melbourne, Tuesday next after the Feast of St. Agatha the Virgin, 15 Edward III. Tag, seal missing. Endorsed: Melburn' villa