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Fillongley deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Gerard [de Allispath] to Thomas [son of William Boydun' of Stretton'] and Matilda daughter of Gerard [in free marriage] of [the whole moor of Old Filungel' with the rents and services held of the said Gerard in the same town; and the service of Henry de Fill[ongley for the third part] of a fourth part of a knight's fee for the third part of the town of Old Fillungel' which he holds of Gerard [and] the service and rent of 12 [pence] from lands which Philip [Petre] holds in the same; and the rent of 4s.5 1/2 d. from lands which [John Falk] holds in the same; from Alexander Kenun, [3 shillings]; from Henry [son of Agnes] 3s.5d.; from Philip Kenun, 3s.9d.; from William del Val, 3s.5d.; from Simon del Val, 3s.5d.; from John Nichol', 4 shillings; from Roger Kenun, 8s.4d.; from John de Ruton', 12 pence and a pound of peppers; from Hugh de Witele, 2 shillings; from William Herdeneheued, 5 shillings; from Henry de Whitele, 2 shillings; from Henry Ingald 6 pence; and the service of Hugh de Bromle of attending court when reasonably summoned for 1/2 virgate which he holds; to hold the said service and rents of the prior of Coventr' as chief lord to the said Thomas and Matilda and the heirs of her body, rendering to the prior the service of a fourth part of a knight's fee when scutage is levied. If the said Thomas and Matilda should die without heirs, then the rents and services will pass to William son of Gerard by his last wife Alice. Witnesses: Master Andrew of Stratton', Master Guy `tunc officio Domino Henrico vicario de Allespath'', Gerard Waldieue, Walter son of William of the same, Henry de Fillungele, Bernard de Boredeston', Richard de Slole, Robert son of Henry of the same and others. 2 tags, seals lost. Endorsed: i) Isabel Gregory rent this deyd. 36 Elizabeth regine ii) Manerium de Old Fylongly redditus xlii sups;. iii supd;. i supl; supi;. pep. et servicium tenendi --- cum 3rd parte i feodi et moram per quartam partem i feodi de priore Coventry