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Stanton, Leics., Maps, Surveys


Petition from the tenants of the prior of Charleye in Stanton south' Berdon', co. Leics., to their chief lord, the lord Ferrers, complaining that the tenants of Sir Robert de Holand' of Bagworthe permitted their beasts to damage the crops sown by the complainants for their profit and the profit of the said lord Ferrers, and that whenever the said beasts were attached for trespass, and impounded, the said men of Bagworthe came by night and day, broke down the compounds, drove off their beasts and co menaced the complainants that they dare not walk abroad or attend to their work; also that after an agreement had been made, with a pain of 100 shillings agreed and pledges found, the said men of Bagworthe, at Easter last, came to the town of Stanton' and slew and otherwise maltreated the inhabitants; and praying that the lord Ferrers will send letters to the said Sir Robert that he will command his tenants of Bagworthe to make redress for these complaints.