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Fletchampstead in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Quitclaim from William Huby, Abbot of the Monastery of the Blessed Mary of Stonley and the Convent of the same place, to Henry Atterton' of Coventr', hosier, John Lote of the same, weaver, and John Honyburn' of the same, whittawer, of an annual rent of 22 pence and suit of court, which the said Henry, John and John were accustomed to render to the said abbey for a croft called Kyngeswode in the lordship of Stonley lying between land of John Walgrave and land of William Halley, late of William Atwelles; of which croft they were seised by the gift of John Anable, late of Coventr', whittawer. Dated at Stonley, 19 October, 32 Henry VI. On tag, seal of the Abbey of Stonleigh; red, broken. Endorsed: i) Redditus xxii supd; exeundens de Kingeswood pertinente manerio Hellinhull. 32 Henry VI [AG] ii) xviii January 1648. Memorandum that this deed the day and yeare above written was produced and shewed to Segrave Gregory, gent., at the time of his examinacion before us, Daniell Jackson, Martyn Holbeche, Tho. Rose, John Lax iii) a relese of a cheef rent issuing ought of Kingeswood by the abbot of Stoneleye [LG]