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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Lease from Arthur Gregory of Stivichall, esq., to Thomas Hobbins of Allesley, tailor, of a messuage called Hillinghall Grange with a close of pasture belonging thereto called Homestead Close, now in two parts divided;

[A]lso a close called Calfs Close, a close called Barly Close, a close between the two last mentioned called The Mowing Close, a little piece of meadow lying at the end of the Neatherwood, and land in Finham Field next to Finham Gate, all of which property is situated in the parish of Stoneleigh and was late in the tenure of Robert Burbury and now of Charles Yardly, clerk;

[A]lso the doles of meadow in Finham Meadows late in the tenure of Thomas Cross, reserving to the said Arthur Gregory all trees growing upon the said premises except such wood as is needed for the repair of mounds and fences; to hold the same for 21 years, rendering annually 30 pounds.

Signed: Tho. Hobbins
Red seal applied on tag.
Witnesses: William Grove, Christopher Caple, Henry Cave
Endorsed: Mr. Gregorys lease to Mr. Hobbins

Note: This deed was later used as a draft for a later lease of the same property to Thomas Rhodes of Stonely, husbandman, for 14 years at 35 pounds per annum, the property then being in his tenure.