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Ditton, Cambs., deeds and papers


Notification from Ranulph de Stivechale son and heir of Margery de Nerboun, lady of Stivechal' to the Prior and canons of St. Sepulc' Warwich', that, whereas Sir Ralph de Camoys is unjustly witholding an annual rent of 100 shillings which he was accustomed to pay to the said Margery and the said Prior and canons from the rent of Dytton', of which the said Prior received 50 shillings (2 terms) according to the charter of the said Margery, the said Ranulph now grants and promises that, at the cost of the said Prior and canons, an action would be started claiming the unpaid rent, and that the said Ranulph would prosecute the same vigorously and to the best of his ability; and it was agreed that if either party made peace with their adversary, then that party would give to the other 50 pounds. Witnesses: Richard son of William de Warewic', Philip le Norizun, William de Tywe, William de Rodbourn', John son of Roger the clerk and others. Seal on tag: circular, white; heraldic, defaced. Endorsed: i) Ditton in Com. Cantab'. Robertus de Creveker tenuit ad vitam 13 E.I, reversio ad regem spectans [AG] ii) Dominus Radulphus Cammois nobilis baro tenens inde prout per officium 43 anno --- [erased] --- Rogerus Cammois trove heire [AG]