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Stoneleigh Maps, Surveys


`Memorandum that there is a common pasture called Armeleyheith within the lordship of Stonley which lieth adjoining to a pasture called the Frithe within the lordship of Kenelwoorth and my Lord Abbot of Stonley sayeth that he and his predecessors and his tenants of Stonley and Asshoo time out of mind have had and used to have with all other manner of beasts common in the said Frithe abovementioned pur cause de vicinage And the free tenants of Kenelworth have had time out of mind in like wise common in the said Heath called Armeley and so they have used and occupied this 300 years without interruption until now of late they have made ordinance and pains in the Court of Kenelworth to interrupt us of our commons customary to right and conscience whereof he prays remedy and reformation for the same'. On verso is a further memorandum, mostly illegible, dated 18 Henry VIII. Endorsed: Communia Pipe Milne alias Rabcroft milne in bosco le Frithe de Kenelworth [AG]

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