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Brinklow, Warwickshire Manorial Records


Little court: Tuesday next before St. Dionysius, 16 Edward IV. 29 October 1476 The same: Tuesday next after St. Simon and St. Jude, 16 Edward IV. 19 November 1476 Small court not held on Tuesday next after St. Edmund, 16 Edward IV because of floods. 10 December 1476 Small court: 10 December, 16 Edward IV. 31 December 1476 The same: Tuesday on the eve of the Circumcision, 16 Edward IV. 11 February 1476/7 The same: Tuesday next before St. Valentine, 16 Edward IV. 4 March 1476/7 No court held on Tuesday in the second week of Lent, 17 Edward IV. 25 March 1477 Small court: Feast of the Annunciation, 17 Edward IV. 29 April 1477 The same: Tuesday next before St. Philip and St. James, 17 Edward IV. 13 May 1477 The same: Tuesday next before the Ascension, 17 Edward IV.