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Milburn in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Lease from Thomas Tutbery, Abbot of Stonley, to James Cruce alias Jamys Champlen, gent., for 20 pounds, of the grange of Milburne in the manor of Stonley with all lands, etc. hereto belonging in as ample a manner as John Haddon and William Bythewey held the same as farmers thereof except and reserved to the said Abbot and Convent, ----- the Wode Mylne, the Mill Polle, fishing in the said pool and a meadow called Mill Meadow and two closes called Michell meadow and ---------- in the tenure of Robert Adene with right of way to the said Mill meadow and pool; to hold the same for 32 years, rendering annually 6 pounds and reserving a fine of 13s. 4d. as heriot, also suit of Court twice a year at the View of Frankpledge of Stonley. Dated: 16 -------, 25 Henry VIII On tag, Seal of the Convent of Stoneleigh, black wax (broken). Endorsed: Melborne. COLX sheeps commens only [AG]

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