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Milburn in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Gift from Richard the Miller (Molendinarius) of Meleburn' to the Abbot and Monks of Stanleye, of all that land which belonged to him in the cultivated land (culturis) called Forwod' and four headlands which extend to the close which the monks have made in the fowling-glade (voleya); to hold the same in exchange for one cottage in Meleburn' which he once held for a term of Richard le Hore, in which cottage Susanna, mother of the said Richard, lives paying annually 8 pence per annum to the said Abbot and monks. Witnesses: John de Stanl', Geoffrey his son, Thomas de Crulefeld', Robert de Meleburn', Michael de Hurst, William Papilun, John de Fynham, William le Arpur and many others. Tag, seal missing. Endorsed: i) Ricardi molendinarii [contemp.] ii) Forwod. Hull communicat in Forwood [AG]