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Copy of a record of proceedings in court, in which Launcelot Strong alleged the following against Henry Smyth; that, at 11 o'clock in the morning of 13 July, 33 Henry VIII, in the parish of St. Clement Danes, the said Henry Smyth received 20 shillings apiece from the said Launcelot Strong and one William Cokkes, on the understanding that he would pay the whole to the said Launcelot Strong if, within one hour, he should shoot an arrow with his own bow against the wind beyond the space of fifteen score yards; that, although the said Launcelot had performed this feat in Saint Giles in the Fields in the presence of the said Henry Smyth and William Cokkes, the said Henry Smyth had refused to yeild up the stake money; and that, because the said Launcelot owed to one Thomas Butler 40 shillings and could get no satisfaction from the said Henry Smyth, he had been compelled to enter into diverse bargains for which he claims 20 marks damages against the said Henry Smyth. Endorsed: a president in an accion of the case for schotyng