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Desford, Leics., deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Robert Forster of Paytylton' to William Gregory of Thornton' of two acres three rods and six selions of arable in Desford', situated as follows: one selion on Wronge between lands once of Simon de la Leye and William Wygeyn; two rods extending in length from east to west next Halrevemedewe; three selions on Castelhull' abutting towards Wellesike; one selion next Monelond; half an acre upon Holdecroft between lands once of Simon de la Leye and Simon de Kerby; two selions in the crofts of Holdecroft; one selion abutting on Brodemedewe; two selions extending from Mokhill' to Depedale; half an acre next the `mansio' once of Henry Smyth' and extending from the highway to the toft once of Henry Blound; one selion on Loupesway between the lands of Amicia at the head of the vill once of Thomas Meldesson'; one selion at Edwynmor' between lands once of the said Amicia and Walter Wygan'; one selion on Le Breches between lands once of Robert Symondesson' and Robert Brok; and one selion at a headland of the said Amicia; half a rod on Parva Taym; half a rod on Parva Breche at the gate of Shiracles; to hold the said land to the said William and his heirs for ever of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: John de Syde, Richard de Syde, Thomas Robert, Thomas Gamyll', John Webster of Desford' and many others. Dated at Desford' on the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Mary, 11 Henry VI Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Cart Roberti Forst' de Paytlton facta Willelmo Gregory de Thornton' de certis terris in Desford'