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Stoneleigh deeds and papers


(?Kingshill) Gift with warranty from Simon de la Mere de La lee to Robert le Bonde of Radewy of all the arable land which he had or could have after the death of Nicholas his brother, in the fields of Stonleye and Hulle Regis [Kingshill], namely one acre above Stychehale forlong next land formerly of Joan de Wythybrock, one acre next le Wythyns in the field of Stonley, two `buttes' next le Grenewey, one selion in Stokylond, together with its hedge, and four `buttes' in the field of Kingushull' above le Brockforlong; to hold of the chief lords of the fee; and for this the said Robert gives 40 shillings. Witnesses: Henry de Hockele, William Blondel, Robert de Wynrych', John Champiun, William Rodde and others. Seal on tag: oval, black. A stag's head caboshed, surmounted by a cross between the antlers. Legend: IESVS MERCI. Endorsed: i) Symon de la Lee Roberto le Bonde in Stonleya et Kynggeshulle ii) Simon Lee de Hull' Regis: Stychehale furlong' [AG]