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Sheepy Magna, Leics., deeds and papers


Notification of a plea `de consuetudinibus et serviciis' held at Westminster between Alexander de Fryvill' and Joan his wife, plaintiffs, and Hugh de Quilly, concerning the customs and services of a tenement which the said Hugh holds of the said Alexander and Joan in Radeclive, Waverton' [Warton, Warws.] and Rodebrok' [?Redbrook, Leics.]; and the said Hugh recognized the tenement to be held of the said Alexander and Joan as of the honour of the castle of Thameworthe, and promised to render the due services; and for this the said Alexander and Joan warrant to the said Hugh all the said lands and tenements in the said vills `contra participes suos' of the inheritance of Robert Marmyon. Witnesses: Sir Robert Marmyon, Sir Richard Hwitacre, knights, John de la Launde, Anketill de Insula, Roger de Coningusby, Richard Gregori of Freseleye, William le Hwite of Waverton', William de Fago of the same and others. Dated at Thameworthe, the morrow of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 34 Edward I. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Baldinnus Frevil filius et heres Alexandri et Johanne Marmion per chartam manerii sui de Middelton anno 17 Ed. 2. Uxor eius Johanna per chartam manerii sui de Styvechale 39 Ed. 3. [AG] ii) Carta inter Alx. Frevel et Hugonem Quily iii) Lodelowe et Frevyle heredes Marmion [AG] iv) de honore Castri de Tamworth [AG] v) R. Gregory de Fresley tempore Ed. primi [AG]