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Legal cases - other families


Papers concerning a dispute between Lawrence Walgrave and Elizabeth his wife, plaintiffs, and Charles Harcourt and Ann his wife, defendants, over three messuages, a water-mill, two hundred acres of land, fifty acres of meadow, two hundred acres of pasture, twenty acres of wood, sixty acres of moor and twenty acres of heath in Whitley. Charles Harcourt and Anne his wife claim the same by virtue of a settlement on the marriage of John Bristowe to the said Ann. At this time Henry Hogge and John Blount were seised of the said premises for the use of the said John Bristowe and on the marriage they enfeoffed William Catesby and Ann his wife, Master Robert Catesby, clerk, Nicholas Catesby and the said John Bristow and Ann his wife of the same for the use of the said John Bristow, Ann his wife and their heirs. John Bristow had since died and his widow had married the said Charles Harcourt. Lawrence Walgrave and Elizabeth his wife maintain that William Bristow had been given the said premises by William Braystofte, Simon Brychys and Robert Lowe and that he had died leaving Elizabeth his heir. Charles Harcourt and Anne his wife reply that the said William Bristow had enfeoffed John Frisby, William Haddon and Thomas Bishop of the same, that Thomas Bishop had outlived the others and had enfeoffed the said Henry Hogge and John Blunt.