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Stivichall deeds and papers


Bargain and sale with warranty from Thomas Hill of Henwell Graunge in the parish of Stoneley, yeoman, son and heir of Richard Hill, late of the same, deceased, to Thomas Gregorie of Coventr', for 16 pounds paid to the said Thomas Hill, and to Richard Hill in his lifetime, of a cottage with garden adjacent in Stichall' on the corner (super corneram) opposite the church there between the common field there on the west and the land of William Norres on the east in width, and reaching in length from the highway to the orchard of the said Thomas Gregorie on the south; with the further grant of two other cottages with two gardens in Stichall' between the land of Humphrey Ferrers, knight, now in the tenure of William Joynor on the south and the land called le Tithe barne yarde on the north; which cottages and gardens lately belonged to William Norres; to hold the same for ever of the chief lord of the fee, namely the bishop of Coventr' and Lichefeld, for service and a rent of 8 pence payable annually at Michaelmas. Appointment of Henry Brunte of Stichall, yeoman, as attorney to deliver seisin. Dated: 4 January, 2 Edward VI Signed by mark. Seal on tag; circular, red. The letters EG GP Witnesses: John Barrow, John Donington', John Falering, Robert Rotheby, Robert Spaldeforthe and others. Endorsed: Domus Angular' cum aliis cotagiis [added by LG] in Stivichall