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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease from Ralph Wyndon, clerk, William Preist, chaplain, Christopher Waren, William Gibbynse, Thomas Keyne, Richard Veisie, Hugh Turnor and Christopher Veisie to Thomas Gregorie and Richard Walker, citizen of Coventr', of a yard land and meadow in the fields of Stichall' called the Chaunterie landes and three closes or crofts lying near the Quenes croft beside Stichall'; of which two lie together between Dawley heth' on the east, Astell' Grove on the west, a lane leading from Dawley heth' to Hethsall' on the north and a croft of Master Swillyngton called Sir John's Croft on the south; and the third close lies between the said Dawley Heth' and the said Astell' Grove, with the said Sir John's croft on the north and Lockesmyth Hall' on the south; to hold the same for the term of 41 years, rendering annually 38 shillings; and the said Thomas and Richard may lop and crop all trees growing in and about the said land. This lease made in consideration of diverse acts done by the lessees at the request of the lessors. Dated: 12 June, 34 Henry VIII Signed: over tag 1, per me Thomam Kene over tags 2 3, per me Christoffer Waryn Four tags, seals 1, 3 and 4 missing; seal 2 red fragment only. Endorsed: i) A lese set to Arther Gregory of a yard land in Stivichall [LG] ii) Dun croftes