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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Sir Walter de Langel' to Ranulph son of Hugh, chaplain of Stiveschale of 2 acres of arable land in his demesne in Stivesch', lying outside the garden of the said Walter in length and in breadth measuring 16 feet and a half; to hold of the said Walter to the said Ranulph, his heirs and assigns, except monks and Jews, for ever; and the said Ralph may enclose and use the said land as he wishes, rendering annually 6 pence at the four terms customary in Stiveschal'; and for this the said Ranulph gives to the said Walter the whole field called Oldefeld to plough, sow and carry away the produce at will; and the said Ranulph quitclaims for himself and his heirs all his right in the said `cultura' of Oldefeld, so that the said Ranulph and his heirs will be excluded from the same at all times of the year, except when the commons are held in open tenure (overta seisona) namely between the feast of St. Martin and the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Mary, when the fields should not be sown. Witnesses: Alexander de Bathekintone, Ranulph de Bathekintone, William Kave, Ralph de Whitele, Adam del Okes, Adam son of Miles, John de Barue, William de Pinnele, John coquc of the same and others. Seal on tag; oval, white; defaced, wrapped in silk. Endorsed: i) Stichehale [14th c.] ii) Iste Walterus obiit anno vii Ed I [AG] iii) ii acrae terrae tenentur de episcopo per servicium militare. vi supd; chieff of Essex landes parcel of Ferrers manor of Stychehale [AG] iv) Oldfild several. Service chevalier [AG]