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Stivichall deeds and papers


Bargain and sale with warranty from Thomas Fyshere, esq., and Thomas Dabrigecourte, gent., to Thomas Gregorye of Coventr' of three crofts and a virgate of land in Stichall now in the tenure of the said Thomas Gregorye, and late of the Chantry of Sutton in Colefeylde, now dissolved, with all the wood growing there and all the rents and profits, etc; and the property to be enjoyed as fully and as freely as it was by the said Chantry, and then by King Edward after the dissolution of the chantries in the first year of his reign, and then by the said Thomas Fyshere and Thomas Dabrigecourte after they had purchased it from the crown as evidenced by letters patent dated at Westminster, 28 June, 3 Edward VI; to hold the same of the king as of the manor of East Grenewitche. Appointment of Christopher Rice of Coventr', mercer, as attorney to deliver seisin. Dated: 12 August, 3 Edward VI Signed: per me Thomam Fysher Per me Thomam Dabrygecourte Two seals on tags; circular, red; both indistinct. i) ?a horse ii) ?a merchant's mark Witnesses on dorso: Richard Hurts of Coventr', mercer, Edward Brownehill of the same, draper, William Phynes of the same, mercer, Richard Denton of the same, yeoman, John Barowe of Stichall, Robert Assheby of the same, Robert ---, Christopher Aunsell, John Falderyng, George Jeffes and others. Endorsed: i) Dune croftes ii) by AG, indistinct Attached: a terrier of the lands belonging to the Chantry of Sutton in Colfeild lying in the fields of Stichall, dated December, 33 Henry VIII [1541] Subdivided by field; The Parkefeild; The Netherfeild; The Haull field; The Churchefeild