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Draft answer of George Crier, defendant, to the bill of complaint of William Wheate and Humphrey Wightwick, admitting that Peter Gardenor was indebted to the plaintiffs in £18. 9s. 4d. which he had received for the purchase of linen cloth for the plaintiffs' use, that having been arrested for fraud he was released by the subtle persuasion of the said Hamnet and that the said lands in Bridge Trafford, leased out for lives, were mortgaged for the payment of the debt; and also admitting that the said ?Hamnet agreed to pay the rent on the said premises according to the terms of the lease for lives in the name of the complainants, and that the defendant entered into a bond with the said Gardenor in 100 pounds to secure peaceable possession to the plaintiffs; but denying that he has had any part in a confederacy to defraud the plaintiffs. Written by Arthur Gregory, with numerous rough endorsements also in his hand.