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Stoneleigh, Cryfield in


Grant by Master Thomas de Kanelye and Richard his brother, to William, (de Merstone) pepetual vicar of the church of Stanleye, of a messuage and land in Cryefelde; which Amice widow of William le Macun, held of them; and which they had of Henry de Cruylefelde; rendering yearly seven shillings. T. Rogerds la Moreh, Richard de Daddeleye, Simon de la Cloude, Symon de Fynlege, henry son of Hugh de Kanleye, Dated at Kannoke, Tuesday the Morrow of St Matthew, 27 Edward son of Henry. (22 Sept. 1299) Seal a pointed oval, brown. The Blessed Mary seated with a suppliant below. (Much broken). SIGILL'L DE...