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Charles Mathews collection


Newspaper cuttings, engraved views in Stratford, etc. pp. 18-90; 114-142.

18 - 'Shakespeare's Plays' calculation of lines - a summary from Bell's Edition, not dated (p.18);
19 - Chronology of the Plays of Shakespeare, not dated (p.18);
20 - 'Two Editions of "Pericles" in 1609' news article dated 13 July - no year nor publication given (p.19);
21 - 'Was Shakespeare a lawyer?' article by Lord Campbell - no date nor publication given (p.20);
22 - 'Destruction of Herne's Oak' article concerning storm damage to a tree associated as Falstaff with Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor - no author, date nor publication given (p.20);
23 - 'Kemble's Version of "The Tempest"' article by Cuthbert Bede,in Notes and Queries 31/07/1868 (p.20);
24 - Arms of the Merchant of the Staple - facsimile of an ancient pane of stained glass, formerly in the chapel of the Guild at Stratford-upon-Avon (p.21);

25 - 'Plan of Stratford on Avon' a printed copy of the plan surveyed by Samuel Winter (undated). This contains a numbered key to buildings and sites judged to be of interest. A compass rose (direction symbol) and scale bar are displayed, the scale being given in Gunter's Chains [1 chain equals 66 feet or 20.1 metres] (p.22) - Compare this plan to another copy, at DR1069/10/1;

Included (p. 48) is a view of the church and school of Hampton Lucy, 1833; Captain J. Saunders, del.; C.F. Green, lith. (private plate)

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    19th century

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    CC-BY-NC-ND Image Courtesy of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust